A Few Things We Don't Mind Talking About

A Few Things We Don't Mind Talking About

We're not mind readers but, this is what we would be thinking…

01. How long will it take to activate my new advisor site?

Activation of the site will typically take less than one hour. However, the site will not be ready to "go live" for a few days. Setting up the customer and advisor dashboards as well as the establishment of an SSL certificate for data encryption can take between 1-3 business days. Additionally, your customizations of advisor content and configuring your organization in the advisor dashboard will be completed at your pace. Until minimum organizational setup is completed, we cannot determine an actual launch date.

02. Will I be able to customize the content within my advisor site?

There will be a certain amount of content which will be editable by you within your advisor site. Specifically, contact information, team members, certain images etc. may be altered. Once you become an advisor, you will be able to make these adjustments from within your advisor dashboard.

03. Can I use the ANNUITYAPPS technology on my own site?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. However, under certain circumstances we may, at our discretion, purchase a custom domain for an advisor and manage the site and content for a pre-negotiated fee.

04. Do I have to be licensed in order to become an advisor?

Yes, you must be appropriately licensed and in good standing within the state(s) which you have a location based domain. For a securities version of the advisor site, you must provide us with a list of you firm/individual CRD#s during setup. Additionally, you must maintain a minimum of $1,000,000 of errors and omissions insurance at all times. Failure to comply with either one of these requirements will result in immediate suspension of your advisor subscription.

05. How long is my advisor subscription good for?

The term of the advisor subscription is for one year from the date of approval. However, during the first three calendar days of your advisor subscription - you may receive a refund equal to 50% of the monthly domain cost; initial setup fees are non-refundable.

For additional information regarding your advisor subscription including, exclusions and limitation - please see the terms & conditions page linked here.

06. Can I sub-lease, assign or transfer my advisor subscription to a third party?

You may not sub-lease any elements of your advisor subscription. However, since there is legitimate intrinsic and market value to your advisor subscription, you may assign or transfer your advisor subscription to a third party. This may only occur after advanced written notice has been given and the third party has been approved by Robo Advisor™.

07. How will you keep track of my production for the "Get It Free" program?

It will be your responsibility to promptly update the status of leads, opportunities and new customers within your advisor dashboard. As long as you provide us with the pre-established new business information, we will track and update you advisor dashboard once production credits have been added.

08. What happens if I don't pay my monthly advisor subscription fees?

All advisors are required to be set up on monthly billing. You may use a credit card or Paypal account for recurring billing. Should billing fail, you will be notified and a 14 day grace period will begin. After the grace period expires, if payment has not been made - we will assume the identity of the domain. You will have the ability to reinstate the advisor subscription provided the past due and current amounts are paid to date; and as long as it occurs within 31 days of the last billing cycle. Once 31 days has expired, placement cannot be guaranteed.

09. Do I own the relationship when new customers are acquired from my advisor site?

For the current advisor subscriptions available, absolutely! Because you are making the effort to market and brand your site - you are entitled to retain the relationship and normal commission based revenue as a result.

In the future, we expect to expand the advisor subscriptions to new levels which allow for the sharing of costs, relationships and revenue.

10. Is customer information exchanged on the site secure?

Absolutely, we use the strongest browser encryption available and store all of our data on servers in a secure facility. We also protect the privacy of you and your customers information and will never share your data with any third party without your permission. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

11. Will my firm be paid by Robo Advisor™, Insurance Company or IMO/FMO?

All normal commissions will be paid directly from the Insurance Carrier where business is placed. However, any form of compensation earned and paid out as production credits will be sent via Robo Advisor™ or Sovereign Wealth Management Group, Inc.

12. Do I own the location based domain(s)?

No, you do not own the location based domain, website, content or related technologies. You are leasing all elements through your advisor subscription on a year by year basis.

13. How are companies and products chosen for the advisor site?

Companies: This is a public site and the objective is to first establish credibility. So, we filter companies based upon a minimum A.M. Best Rating for financial strength of BBB+ or better.

Products: your advisor site is meant to show the benefit and value of utilizing technology to filter and separate quality products from those which are not. To legitimize our efforts, we use the well established 10/10 rule for most products. No more than 10% maximum surrender charge in any year and no more than a 10yr. surrender charge period.

Special Requests: Should you identify a company or product you would like to have added, please notify your Team Lead for submission procedures.

14. I have relationships that I like now, can I use my own IMO/FMO?

While we appreciate the loyalty factor, this is not an option. Only pre-approved FMOs or our own Agency may be used to submit Annuity business generated from your advisor site.

15. What is the best way to drive new traffic to my advisor site?

Aside from building an outstanding online presence for our advisors, we will utilize standard keyword and seo placement tags throughout the site in an effort to increase organic search engine optimization. All advisors are expected to leverage traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics in an effort to bring more traffic to your site. Remember, having something nice to show only works if people know it is there ;)

Remember, all marketing materials produced must be pre-approved by the Robo Advisor™ compliance team prior to first use. Your Robo Advisor™ Team Manager can assist with a "good order" submission. Turnaround is generally within 1 business day, but may take longer depending upon the complexity of each case.

Don't see an answer to your question above, you can always contact us directly by one of the means below.
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